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  •                               Retiree Relations Committee 

  • Pictured: Heather Cavazos, Marilyn Marshall, George Murphy, Alba Orr, Virginia Berger, Joan Mayuiers, Stan Flandi, Mary Donnelly

    Not Pictured: Jan Ford, Peg Hovde, Pat Garity, John Heimaster, Sue Jensen, Joanne Prescott

  • The Retiree Relations Committee (RRC) is a dedicated group of retirees that meet throughout the year help create our retiree program and retiree events. RRC members include:

    • Stan Flandi, Chair
    • Virginia Berger
    • Mary Donnelly
    • Jan Ford
    • Pat Garity
    • John Heimaster 
    • Peg Hovde
    • Sue Jensen
    • Marilyn Marshall
    • Joan Mayuiers
    • George Murphy
    • Alba Orr
    • Joanne Prescott

    If you would like to get involved with the Retiree Relations Committee or need more information, please contact Heather Cavazos at heather.cavazos@gcccd.edu or (619) 644-7357.