• Possibilities. Realized.

  • Leslie Thompson

    "Cuyamaca College is a beautiful campus . I enjoy the friendly environment and all of the professors."

  • Lance Rollof

    "The Ornamental Horticulture department is a family and community. Everyone who is a part of the department is here because we want to learn and work toward our common interests. We help each other be the best we can be."

  • Amber Jimenez

    "I love how helpful all the staff is and how the campus is beautiful and everything is easy to find."

  • Adam Andrews

    "I love the overall environment and culture of this college. It’s small enough to get one-on-one attention from teachers, yet big enough to offer numerous high-level courses."

  • Hussain Yousif

    "I like that it is like a community. All students know each other!"    

  • Laura Franco

    "Everyone who works here is always happy and very helpful. They made Cuyamaca very welcoming."

  • Luis Batista

    "I get to spend time out of my house and here at Cuyamaca, people are really nice."

  • Karen Smith

    "The grounds are so beautiful – lots of grass and trees and views of the mountains."