• Possibilities. Realized.

  • Foundation for Grossmont & Cuymaca Colleges

  • Board of Directors

    Rob Nolan, Chair
    Vice President, East County Schools Federal Credit Union

    Sharon Bullard, Vice Chair
    Retired, Finance

    Cindy L. Miles, Secretary
    Chancellor, GCCCD

    Sue Rearic, CFO
    Vice Chancellor, GCCCD

    Nabil Abu-Ghazaleh
    Grossmont President, GCCCD

    Julianna Barnes
    Cuyamaca President, GCCCD

    John Valencia
    Vice Chancellor, GCCCD

    Council Officers

    Judy Garrett, Chair
    Retired, City Planner

    Rob Nolan, Vice Chair 
    Vice President, East County Schools Federal Credit Union

    Council Members

    Jim Custeau
    Retired, Automotive Technologies Program Director at Cuyamaca College

    Brad Daluiso
    Vice President, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

    John Eppstein
    Owner, John’s Automotive Care

    Stan Flandi
    Retired, Grossmont College

    Jan Ford
    Retired, Cuyamaca College

    Yehudi “Gaf” Gaffen
    CEO, Gafcon, Inc.

    Bessy Glaske
    President/COO, Correctional Alternatives, LLC

    Guy Gonzales

    Eric Lund
    General Manager, San Diego East County Chamber of Commerce

           Ron Oberndorfer
           Attorney, Fischbeck & Oberndorfer 

    Glenn Wilhite
    Retired, Divison Manager at Brickman

           Anthony Zambelli
           Director, San Diego Center for Economic Education