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  • Bryan Jones, California State Assemblyman, Grossmont College, 1987-89

    Assemblyman Brian Jones, who represents the 77th District, remembered that the professors at Grossmont knew students personally.

    “The teachers were serious; the teachers were approachable,” he said. “The teachers knew us by name because the classrooms were small.”

    Jones studied at Grossmont from 1987 to 1989 before transferring to San Diego State University and earning a B.S. degree in business administration. He previously served as a Santee City councilman.

    Now he is the assistant Republican leader for the Assembly Republican Caucus and sits on six committees: Assembly Legislative Ethics; Budget; Human Services (vice chairman); Judiciary; Water, Parks and Wildlife; and the Select Committee on San Diego Trade, Tourism and Job Creation.

    “Grossmont and Cuyamaca are in my backyard and the relationships you build there are more meaningful because of the smaller campuses,” Jones said.