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    IMG_0179Just because you’ve retired from Cuyamaca, Grossmont or the District doesn’t mean you’ve left the family. We created the Retiree Network to keep you connected. There is no cost to join the Retiree Network.

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    We organize activities designed to promote laughter and community spirit. Social events happen throughout the year and include breakfasts, culinary arts events, theatre performances, an annual homecoming celebration, a holiday party, and more!

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    All of us have invested years in helping students reach their educational goals. Now you can continue to help by volunteering your time in different departments.

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    If you would like to get involved with the Retiree Relations Committee or need more information, contact Erich Foeckler at erich.foeckler@gcccd.edu or (619) 644-7652.



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  • Eriberto “Eddie” Ramirez, Cuyamaca and Grossmont Colleges

    Eddie Ramirez and his mother don’t always agree, but he’s lived by one message she instilled him: “You’ve got to do well in school.”

    Growing up, he saw the importance of getting an education when his family was able to move from a poor San Diego neighborhood to a safer community in Chula Vista after his mother got her accounting certificate and a better-paying job. He graduated from high school in three years, and at age 16, he began attending Cuyamaca College in fall 2009.

    He completed 24 credit units his first semester, which meant a lot of time studying in Cuyamaca’s library.

    “I would be in the library all the time,” Ramirez said. “When they closed, I would be the last one to leave.”

    Ramirez was in the library so much that the workers there got to know and like him. When they had opening for student assistants, Ramirez was at the top of the list to be hired. Connie Sterling, a senior multimedia technician, said Ramirez is always courteous and hard-working.

    “He has never let us down, but continues to outshine our expectations,” she said.

    Ramirez, who lives with his aunt in La Mesa, is now taking classes at Grossmont College, a 30-minute walk from his home. He works 16 hours a week at the Grossmont and Cuyamaca libraries in addition to a full course load.

    He said he’s been inspired to become a better person by the staff and teachers at Cuyamaca and Grossmont colleges.

    “Everyone is really friendly. Everyone cares,” he said. “The professors share stories and they wish the best for you. They love what they teach and they practice what they preach. They lead by example.”

    Ramirez plans to transfer to San Diego State University to major in political science and communication. He said he wants to become a Navy officer, and he’s thinking about a future in politics.

    Sterling said that with his personality and charisma, Ramirez will go far in life.

    “He definitely has the potential to reach and even exceed his dreams!” she said.